next Sand Filter Media For Pool Applications

next Sand is half the weight with up to three times the capacity.

next Sand captures particulates and other contaminants more effectively than traditional media. next Sand is a crystal structure that allows water to flow through it while trapping the smallest of particles. This unique structure provides superior filtration characteristics with less media, at higher flow rates. It acts as a true depth filter with as much as 4 times the dirt holding capacity.

With next Sand the vast majority of particles, down to 2.7 microns in size are captured, leaving water fresh and clear. In comparison sand traps between the grains, which is not very efficient, removing only larger particles, leaving the water less clear and less pure.

Replacing Sand with next Sand

Remove the old sand and fill the tank to the same level with next Sand. This will be far less media by weight; however, it will increase the filtration capacity dramatically. next Sand’s unique structure provides billions of tiny air pockets that act like a molecular sieve giving it the ability to remove particles as much as 30 times smaller than traditional filter sand.

Typically, 25kg of next Sand replaces 50kg of traditional filter sand and it will last just as long. Just mark your current tank at the height of the current sand level. Remove the old sand and add next Sand to the same level (level recommended by the filter tank manufacturer). Close the filter and backwash until the water runs clear. Allow the filter to settle for 5 minutes then backwash again for 2 to 3 minutes, insuring that the water is clear. Turn off the backwash, put the filter into service and start enjoying cleaner, clearer and more refreshing water.

Additional benefits of next Sand

next Sand can typically operate twice as long between backwashing intervals, saving water, chemical use and energy. next Sand also traps ammonia, a common problem, especially in public pools. This unique capability can be refreshed periodically by draining the filter and filling it with a 10% brine (salt water) solution. Allow the filter to stand for approximately 2 hours and backwash as normal. That’s it! Your next Sand will once again remove ammonia from the water.

Replace next Sand as often you would your traditional filter sand. Use the old next Sand as garden filler or spread it on your lawn as a beneficial soil additive. next Sand may also be disposed of safely in landfills.

Start using next Sand and enjoy cleaner, clearer, fresher and more pure water today!